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Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Sheet Metal Parts In Automotive
    Sheet Metal Parts In Automotive
    The hole spacing is within plus or minus 0.1mm, and the surface cannot be scratched, deformed or indented. The cover and burrs cannot be large, and the connection points are not loose. Highly demanding workpieces and technical standards require grinding...
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  • Metal Case Cover
    Metal Case Cover
    The hole distance tolerance is within 0.1mm. The surface must be no nick, indentation or morph. The burrs can not be big and the junction can't be loose. Highly-required workpiece and technology standard, require milling junction or twisting hole....
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  • Heavy Duty Hooks
    Heavy Duty Hooks
    YISHANG can also produce metal heavy hooks, metal hooks such as hole plate hooks. The CNC bending machine can also bend the metal wire and the angle can be adjusted as required. These metal heavy-duty hooks are suitable for a row of industries: boutiques,...
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  • Sheet Metal Bending Services
    Sheet Metal Bending Services
    CNC bending is mainly used for sheet metal bending with high processing precision and irregular bending shape. The basic principle is to bend and shape the material by using the bending knife and V-groove of the bending machine.
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  • Steel Bending Services
    Steel Bending Services
    Steel Bending Services Our company mainly uses CNC bending machine for bending. CNC bending is mainly used for bending plates and pipes, with high processing precision and irregular curved shape. The basic principle is to use the bending knife and V-groove...
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  • Metal Bending Fabrication
    Metal Bending Fabrication
    Bending parts are often seen in machining production, such as metal forming V-shaped, U-shaped, and the like. In the common case, there are two ways to bend the metal. One is the bending of the mold, and the other is the bending of the bending machine. The...
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  • Rivet Installation
    Rivet Installation
    Our Rivet installation Standard: A metal pin for passing through holes in two or more plates or pieces to hold them together, usually made with a head at one end, the other end being hammered into a head after insertion. The bottom of the is firmly fixed...
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  • Welding Fabrication
    Welding Fabrication
    Our Welding fabrication Standards: The overall dimensions and detailed dimensions am accurate and the tolerance was only 0.1mm. Thin and strong,the surface has no shadow,not biased. Thick and strong, the surface has no shadow, no holes, no gaps, no seams.
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  • CNC Machining Parts
    CNC Machining Parts
    CNC Machining Parts Machining is the abbreviation of machining, which refers to the processing technology of removing materials by mechanical precision machining. There are two major types of machining: manual machining and CNC machining. Our company...
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  • Sheet Metal Forming
    Sheet Metal Forming
    We have extensive experience in the use of various sheet metal forming materials such as plain, stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum. No matter what sheet metal products you want to customize, we can provide you with professional advice on...
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  • Welding Service
    Welding Service
    Surface: There must be no defects such as cracks, welds, burn through, arc pits, surface pores, slag inclusions, arc scratches, etc. Weld appearance: The weld has a uniform shape, and the transition between the weld bead and the weld bead, the weld bead...
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  • Welding Sheet Metal Fabrication
    Welding Sheet Metal Fabrication
    ◇ Yishang is a professional manufacturer aiming at producing various metal fabrication for more than 22 years, including metal enclosures, metal cabinets, metal racks and metal fabrication pieces. Waiting for your drawings then we can analyze, give you...
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