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Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Decorative Bird Cage
    Decorative Bird Cage
    This is our decorative bird cage. This is a metal decorative bird cage with a metal iron tube that is laser cut. The laser cutting tube machine cuts any irregular metal round tube. The difficulty of making this metal bird cage is that the cutting area of...
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  • Metal Fabrication Welding
    Metal Fabrication Welding
    This is the metal tube welding process for decorating bird cages. This is made by laser cutting metal tubes. A number of metal pipes are metal Fabrication Welding and polished. If you have a similar project needs, you can contact us. From installing,...
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  • Welding Stainless Steel
    Welding Stainless Steel
    The welding is divided into fusion welding, pressure welding and brazing. The welding methods include CO2 gas shielded welding, argon arc welding, spot welding and robot welding. ◇ Spot welding: insufficient strength can be used to bump, and the welding...
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  • Steel Plate Welding
    Steel Plate Welding
    Application Scenario: What Else Metal Fabrication Steel Plate Welding Products Can You Do? We have many precise machines, such as CNC laser cutting machine(can cut plate and tube), CNC bending machine, CNC stamping machine, CNC shearing machine, welding...
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  • Sheet Metal Welding
    Sheet Metal Welding
    This is the fusion welding in the welding process. Fusion welding is a method in which the workpiece interface is heated to a molten state during the welding process and the welding is completed without pressure. During fusion welding, the heat source...
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  • Automobile Frame
    Automobile Frame
    YISHANG is an excellent fabricator for customized sheet metal fabrication in iron, galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminium materials. YISHANG takes full advantage of their equipment to manufacture the metal parts for clients. YISHANG's...
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  • Metal Book Rack
    Metal Book Rack
    Metal Book Rack This is our newly developed Metal book rack, which is made of metal + wooden + tempered glass. This Metal book rack is ideal for public displays such as office displays, home displays, and clothing stores. In addition to books, magazines or...
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  • Laser Marking Service
    Laser Marking Service
    Products made of metal are marked with lasers in a wide range of industries: The applications range from the marking of industrially produced series products for traceability to the personalization of promotional items with logos or names.
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  • Laser Marking Metal
    Laser Marking Metal
    The laser has been serving well for many years, particularly when it comes to laser engraving and laser marking metals. Not only soft metals, such as aluminum but steel or very hard alloys can also be marked accurately, legibly and quickly using a laser....
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  • Cutting Sheet Metal 10mm Thick
    Cutting Sheet Metal 10mm Thick
    When it comes to sheet metal fabrication processes, whether carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum, YISHANG is outstanding in the sheet metal fabrication industry. Our customers depend on us to produce quality products involving both metal cutting,...
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  • Large Metal Frame
    Large Metal Frame
    Large Metal Frame The main technology of this product is rounding, the arc angle is standard and accurate, the board surface has no indentation and no morph. The welding of all the details is firm and won't loose, the welds are not holed, cracked and...
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  • Small Metal Parts Fabrication
    Small Metal Parts Fabrication
    What can you do Small Metal Parts Fabrication? Of course, we can not customize small metal parts and also cut metal pipes of various specifications. To get started with sheet metal fabrication, simply give your product design to us and select from our...
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Feel free to wholesale sheet metal fabrication made in China or customize quality products with our factory. Professional as one of leading suppliers in China, we're specialized sheet metal fabrication manufacturing as well as OEM and ODM design service.