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Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Metal Table Frame
    Metal Table Frame
    Yishang manufactures various metal frame for more than 20 years, including table frame, chair fame, bed frame, door frame and other large frame. Welcome to send your drawings to us, we can customize it!
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  • Aluminum Turning Parts
    Aluminum Turning Parts
    Aluminum Turning Parts by understanding the diversified needs and requirements of the market, we offer a comprehensive range of Aluminium CNC Precision Turned Part.
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  • Aluminum Parts Cutting Service
    Aluminum Parts Cutting Service
    If you need custom Aluminum Cutting parts on a budget, our online laser cutting service is an ideal choice.
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  • CNC Lasers Steel Tube
    CNC Lasers Steel Tube
    CNC Lasers steel Tube regardless of Speed, Precision, Versatility. CNC Lasers steel Tube, beveling/chamfering and etching with pinpoint accuracy on a wide variety of tube shapes, sizes and materials.
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  • Bending Stainless Steel Tube
    Bending Stainless Steel Tube
    Stainless Steel Tube Bending Art Into Science. Our Tube Benders provide reliable, repeatable multi-axis precision bending of oval, rectangular and extruded shapes from a 0.250″ aluminum tube to a 1.5″ solid steel bar. Bending Stainless Steel Tube With...
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  • Sheet Metal Fabricated Products
    Sheet Metal Fabricated Products
    Yishang has high speed, state of the sheet metal fabrication machines that is best suited for repetitive, low-to-high volume and high-mix production runs. Yishang is skilled in all areas of fabrication including fiber laser, CNC punching, CNC bending, CNC...
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  • Bending Welding Metal Products
    Bending Welding Metal Products
    Item name: Bending Welding Metal Products Details of our factory production ( Bending Welding Metal Products): Materials: Carbon steel, all kinds of stainless steel, aluminum (alloy), iron, copper, brass (alloy) etc. Process: Metal fabrication, laser...
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  • CNC Metal Casings
    CNC Metal Casings
    Need custom cnc metal casings? Working on a new project or product? We’re here to help you. Yishang Metal Products is a preferred supplier for custom metal enclosures, metal cabinets, and metal boxes in cold rolled steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Our...
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  • Powder Coated Number Sign Stand
    Powder Coated Number Sign Stand
    Item Name: Powder Coated Number Sign Stand Descriptions of Powder Coated Number Sign Stand: This Powder Coated Number Sign Stand can be used in airport, station, library, chain store, supermarket, etc. It can be numbers, words, symbol, logo, etc. Material...
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  • Sheet Metal Rounding
    Sheet Metal Rounding
    Yishang specializes in all metalworks including sheet metal rounding, we are the manufacturer who is reliable. Sharp edges cause poor bonding of paint of coatings due to the limited bonding surface on the edge. This leads to peeling of the paint or...
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  • Aluminum Fabrication
    Aluminum Fabrication
    Yishang Metal Products Co., Ltd produces aluminum fabrication for customers in every industries everyday. For each project, time is of the essence. Yishang's Advantages: Ability: we regularly produce large and complex aluminum fabrication. Quality: our...
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  • CNC Bending Parts
    CNC Bending Parts
    CNC Bending Parts is a process where sheet metal is bent to an angle using, typically a V shaped punch and die. The CNC Bending Parts is placed between the punch and die which presses down on the sheet.
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Feel free to wholesale sheet metal fabrication made in China or customize quality products with our factory. Professional as one of leading suppliers in China, we're specialized sheet metal fabrication manufacturing as well as OEM and ODM design service.