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Talking About The Speed Control Problem Of Laser Cutting Processing

- Sep 06, 2017 -

Cutting speed of laser cutting machine for its results is a very important impact, operating laser cutting machine must know how to control the speed of cutting laser cutting machine, then, laser cutting machine cutting speed should be how to control it?

1, Speed: nitrogen cutting only rely on laser melting materials, takes a long time, cutting speed than oxygen cutting slow.

2. Power: Nitrogen cutting requires high power to ensure continuous village quality melting. All around 100%.

3, the focus of the position, nitrogen cutting completely rely on the laser energy, focus shift can enhance the beam energy, require focus near the bottom of the plate. Oxygen cutting requires focus on the plate surface.

4, perforation pressure to cut the pressure of the conversion time, nitrogen cutting when the perforation pressure is 2*105pa, and cutting pressure has a great gap. A sudden rise in air pressure can cause a laser to break arc. Provides a dozens of millisecond buffer time to make the pressure balance transition to ensure cutting quality. The gap between the air pressure and the cutting pressure during the oxygen cutting is very small, and it is not necessary to provide this conversion time.

5, acceleration factor, laser cutting change direction when the acceleration. Nitrogen laser cutting process due to increased energy demand, it is generally lower than 1m/s2, and with the thickness of the increase in sharp decline. Oxygen laser cutting is generally 1m/s2 around, and not with the thickness of drastic changes, but a small decline.