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Sheet Metal Case And Device Cover

- Nov 23, 2018 -

Sheet Metal Case And Device Cover

At YISHANG, we are committed to providing the highest quality processes for all types of electronic enclosures.

We have the ability to manufacture a wide range of metal boxes, electrical panels and electronic metal enclosures to the highest quality standards. These high quality components are CNC stamping, CNC bending and Mig Tig welding.


For convenience, a variety of fasteners are included. All of our electrical metal enclosures are Tig, Mig, spot welded or riveted to customer specifications to ensure they are fully suitable for the intended application.

In addition, we offer a variety of final surface finishes for our electrical enclosures, including powder coatings and anodizing, according to customer requirements. When you need a high-quality electronic metal casing, you can rely on YISHANG to provide you with the products you need with the quality standards you expect.


We are committed to ensuring that all electronic enclosures meet the tolerance specifications offered by all customers.

Our in-house quality inspection program ensures full production consistency of all sheet metal parts used in our electronic enclosures.


YISHANG is experienced in the manufacture of various metal boxes, electronic housings, electrical panels and appliance housings as part of a subassembly or housing. The surface treatment can be anodized as required. We also offer universal equipment covers for different OEMs manufactured to the required design and specifications. The services required are designed to meet the entire development effort, prepare production drawings and use appropriate workflow centers to meet the product's competitiveness in terms of quality and engineering integrity. The myriad components manufactured by YISHANG are part of the equipment cover contract manufacturing for customers belonging to many different industry categories.