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New Trend Of Development And Production Of CNC Machine Tools In China

- Sep 06, 2017 -

1. Composite processing technology applications more extensive new composite machining machine tools, such as milling and milling composite machine tools, grinding composite machine tools, gear plus composite machine tools, milling composite and 5-axis linkage machine tools and other products continue to emerge; heavy duty machine Tools add multi-function accessories and turntable, and so on, the trend of composite processing The metal cutting and the special processing compound has the new progress, the laser, the electric processing and the cutting processing compound technology already has the mature product popularization and application. The application of composite processing technology will have an important influence on the production process of many varieties and small batches.
2. The application speed of direct drive technology is accelerated due to the progress of power electronics and numerical control technology, as well as the maturity of linear motor, torque motor, electric spindle, grating detection and so on, the application speed of direct drive technology in NC machine tool is accelerated, and the new products of many foreign machine tool enterprises have been The application of direct drive technology will greatly promote the structural change and performance improvement of CNC machine tools.
3. Micro Manufacturing (INTER-MICRO) is a highly efficient, green, high-precision micro-manufacturing technology for the processing of 3D shapes of various micro-parts. At present, under the EU funding, from Germany, Italy and other relevant countries universities, research institutes and enterprises of the research team has achieved relevant results, such as: ultra-precision 5-axis linkage micro-diamond and cubic boron nitride tool processing technology equipment. Micro-fabrication technology has great application potential, which should arouse the concern of the industry.