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Introduction To Laser Cutting Application Field

- Sep 06, 2017 -

In addition to the above-mentioned application, it is also expanding its application field.
(A) The use of three-dimensional laser cutting system or the configuration of industrial robots, cutting space curves, the development of a variety of three-dimensional cutting software to speed from drawing to cutting parts of the process.
(B) in order to improve production efficiency, research and development of a variety of special cutting systems, material delivery systems, linear motor drive systems, etc., the current cutting system cutting speed has exceeded 100m/min.
(C) for the expansion of engineering machinery, shipbuilding industry and other applications, cutting the thickness of low carbon steel has more than 30mm, and pay special attention to study the use of nitrogen to cut low carbon steel technology to improve the cutting quality of thick plate cut. Therefore, in our country expands the industrial application field of CO2 laser cutting, solves the new application some technical difficulties still is the engineering technical personnel important topic.

Clean, safe, non-polluting
Greatly improved the working environment of operators. Of course, the precision and surface roughness of the incision, CO2 laser cutting can not exceed the electrical processing, the cutting thickness is difficult to achieve the flame and plasma cutting level. However, the above significant advantages are sufficient proof: CO2 laser cutting has been and is replacing a part of the traditional cutting process methods, especially the various non-metallic materials cutting. It is a kind of advanced processing method which is developing rapidly and has been applied increasingly extensively.
Since the 90 's, because of the development of China's socialist market economy, competition between enterprises, each enterprise must choose some advanced manufacturing technology according to its own conditions to improve product quality and production efficiency. So CO2 laser cutting technology has been developed rapidly in China.