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Advantages Of Laser Cutting Technology In Sheet Metal Processing

- Sep 06, 2017 -

Why did the laser cutting machine bring a major technological revolution to sheet metal processing? Compared to the traditional cutting mode, laser cutting machine more understandable, easy to learn, and in the business needs of processing effect, speed has an absolute advantage.
First, laser can focus on a small spot, can be micro-and precision processing, such as micro-slit and micro-hole processing.
Second, lasers can cut almost all materials, including two-dimensional cutting or three-dimensional cutting of thin metal plates.
Finally, the laser processing does not need the tool, belongs to the non-contact processing, without machining deformation.
Therefore, with high efficiency, high energy and flexibility of laser cutting technology, whether from the precision, speed or efficiency, is the sheet metal processing industry is the choice. Some traditional difficult to cut or cut the quality of the plate, after the laser cutting, the problem can be solved, especially the processing of some carbon steel plate, laser cutting is a position that can not be shaken.