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  • Desktop Computer Case
    Desktop Computer Case
    Main Advantages: 1) 306 stainless steel material, not easy to be rusty. 2) The tolerance of bending angles are with 0.5mm. 3) Because of good polishing, the surface is smooth and no scrathing.
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  • Metal Electric Cabinet
    Metal Electric Cabinet
    Core Advantages: 1) 316 stainless steel, it will never rust outside. 2) Waterproof design so that the it can be used indoor or outdoor. 3) 22 years skillful technology: precise size, accurate welding, smooth surface. 4) Use protect film to avoid scrathing.
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  • Sheet Metal Box
    Sheet Metal Box
    Yishang has more than 20 years professional manufacturing and customizing experience in sheet metal box, you will not regret to cooperate with us!
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  • Metal Computer Shell
    Metal Computer Shell
    All kinds of computer cases can be customized! Welcome to send your drawings to us!
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  • Waterproof Power Box
    Waterproof Power Box
    This waterproof power box is used outside the door, made of 304 stainless steel, not easy to be rusty. Good polished finish, effect of waterproof is better. We can customize the power box for you, please send us the CAD or 3D drawings so that we can move...
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  • Outdoor Electrical Box
    Outdoor Electrical Box
    This electrical box is waterproof, can be used outdoor or indoor. Made of 304 stainless steel, not easy to rust. Polishing surface, waterproof effect is better. We can help you customize the electrical box, welcome to send your drawings to us!
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  • Metal Electronics Enclosure
    Metal Electronics Enclosure
    Since 1996, YISHANG has been dedicated to producing and customizing various metal enclosures including electronic equipment, electrical box, server rack, network cabinet, etc. YISHANG will be a good choice for long-term cooperation
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  • Electronic Project Box
    Electronic Project Box
    Manufacturing high-quality electrical box, we not only have advanced equipment but also skilled technology. Yishang is a right supplier for you if you are worry about your project.
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  • Indoor Recycling Bins
    Indoor Recycling Bins
    This recycle bin is made of powder coated steel and brushed stainless steel. Also it has brake wheels, so that it can be moved freely and stable when it stops. You can use it at airport catering area, cafeteria, canteen and other eating area.
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  • Stainless Steel Outdoor Protective Box​
    Stainless Steel Outdoor Protective Box​
    Stainless steel outdoor protective box is a model based on components specifications Quantities assembly design process various control functions distribution box Due to the size of the box can be arbitrarily chosen so that the srtucture is quite close to...
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  • Fiberglass Electric Panel Boxes
    Fiberglass Electric Panel Boxes
    We are manufacturer of fiberglass electric panel boxes for home and industrial purposes . fiberglass electric panel boxes we also supply our customers to all over Pakistan as per their requirements and need. We provide panel boxes in different sizes as...
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  • 42U Server Rack
    42U Server Rack
    42U server rack cabinets are perfect for areas that are earthquake prone or subject to regular vibrations, such as an airport or factory. Our seismic cabinets feature both open and closed designs for user flexibility without compromising the security...
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Feel free to wholesale metal enclosure made in China or customize quality products with our factory. Professional as one of leading suppliers in China, we're specialized metal enclosure manufacturing as well as OEM and ODM design service.