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Canteen Tray Return Station

Canteen Tray Return Station

Description: available in any colour these canteen tray return Station encourage students to clear their trays after use. Equipments for Canteen Tray Return Station : laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, CNC stamping machine, CNC bending machine, CNC shearing machine, precise rounding...

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Dimensions: Customized for customer

Description: Available in any colour these canteen tray return station encourage students to clear their trays after use.  

Positive Benefits : 

1, Urge parents to inculcate this value in their children.  If we make it enough of a habit at home, it will be a natural habit to us everywhere else.

2, If people realise this on their own, we could evolve into a more gracious society.

3, Canteen tray returns ensure that no leftover food is left unattended as this attracts pests and even birds, which makes the dining environment unpleasant and unhygienic.

Surface Treatment for Canteen Tray Return Station: Powder coated, painted, galvanized, chrome plated, electroplated, nickel plated, etc. (according to customers' needs)



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