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  • Universal Donation Box for Charity
    Universal Donation Box for Charity
    We devote ourselves to create and customize all kinds of Universal Donation Box For Charity since 1996. Many customers from Europe, USA, UK, AU, Japan and Korea have cooperated with us. Universal Donation Box For Charity Item No.: YS-2100110 Product:...
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  • 19 Inch Rack Cabinet
    19 Inch Rack Cabinet
    19-inch rack cabinet that combines mounting panels, inserts, subracks, electronics, components, mechanical parts and components to form an integrated mounting box. We mainly focus on the manufacture of custom network cabinet frames and enclosures, please...
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  • Powder Coat Services
    Powder Coat Services
    The powder coating uses the principle of electrostatic spraying to adsorb the dry powder on the metal aluminum profile. After baking at a high temperature of 200 ° C or higher, the powder solidifies into a thick and bright coating of about 60μm thick. The...
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  • Sheet Metal Manufacturing
    Sheet Metal Manufacturing
    This is our metal casing and is made of cold rolled steel. YISHANG is a custom sheet metal manufacturer for any sheet metal project. If you need our help, please feel free to contact us.
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  • Steel Shell Casings
    Steel Shell Casings
    This techn ology is stamped out using conventional molds with standard shapes and accurate positions. These high and short rivets are made using a conventional punching machine, perpendicular to the board surface and not loose. Each edge is folded by a CNC...
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  • Small Electrical Box
    Small Electrical Box
    The distribution box has small size, simple installation, special technical performance, fixed position, unique configuration function, no site limitation, common application, stable and reliable operation, high space utilization, small footprint and...
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  • Metal Frame Kits
    Metal Frame Kits
    We specialize in precision manufacturing and custom product development. We are uniquely qualified to meet all of your custom fabrication and manufacturing needs. We have 22 years experience in the precision fabrication of: stainless steel, galvanized...
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  • Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder
    Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder
    This is a very popular wall mount paper towel holder made from cold rolled steel. Equipped with 3 rows of storage paper towels, the letter box lock is arranged on the side of the case. When you want to change the paper towel, you can easily change the...
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  • Electrical Box Covers
    Electrical Box Covers
    Stamping processing is the production technology of product parts with certain shape, size and performance by means of the power of conventional or special stamping equipment, which directly deforms and deforms the sheet in the mold. Sheets, molds and...
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  • Metal Machined Parts
    Metal Machined Parts
    Metal Machined Parts Metal Machined Parts Accurate cutting size and bending angle, cutting dimension tolerance is only 0.1mm, bending angle tolerance is only 0.5mm. The blind rivet process can be straight or tilted according to customer requirements. The...
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  • Steel Processing
    Steel Processing
    Steel Processing Sheet metal fabrication is the process of forming parts from a metal sheet. 3D CAD files are converted into machine code, which controls a machine to precisely cut and form the sheets into the final part. Sheet metal parts are known for...
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  • Case Industrial Equipment
    Case Industrial Equipment
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Feel free to wholesale metal enclosure made in China or customize quality products with our factory. Professional as one of leading suppliers in China, we're specialized metal enclosure manufacturing as well as OEM and ODM design service.