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Yishang CNC Lathe Processing Process Programming Steps

- Jun 05, 2018 -

According to the principle of NC machining, consider the requirements of the workpiece processing drawings as a whole, edit the format specified by the CNC milling machine, and input the processing program according to the sequence of actions. It can be seen that while the NC program is being written, the NC machining process is also known Necessary.


1. Determine the process flow, CNC milling machine and general machine processing process is very similar, through the analysis of the workpiece, specify the processing route, select the processing process, select the machine tool, fixtures and tools. Determine the equipment baseline position and cutting amount. The difference is that CNC machine tools need to program the operation process.


2. Calculate the tool coordinate value. In order to facilitate the programming and calculation of tool path coordinates. The workpiece coordinate, part size and shape must be calculated first to determine the entire machining path of the tool.


3. Write a machining program, which can be programmed manually for simple workpieces and automatic programming for complex machining workpieces.


4. The program is input to the CNC system. There are many ways to input the program to the Knife CNC system, mainly the operation panel of the CNC operation system. In addition, the computer can be connected to the CNC system interface and input the program through the computer.


5. Comprehensive inspection of the program. Through the function of the display of the graphic monster or the empty running of the numerically controlled milling machine, the machine tool operation path can be checked to check whether the tool movement meets the requirements of the overlay, or the program can be single-stepped to carry out the cutting. Through the program, the problems occurring in this step need to be detected in time.