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What Factors Affect the Shelf Life

- Jun 09, 2018 -

1, Quality: The service life of the racks produced by the manufacturers certified by the quality management system is about 7-10 years, and the quality of the racks directly affects the service life of the products. Therefore, it is very important for the manufacturers to choose the material for the display racks. Must choose a formal large-scale manufacturer. This year, our factory has officially passed the quality management system certification and is a display rack manufacturer worthy of your trust.     


2, The product placed. The weight of the products placed on the display rack must be selected within the bearing weight range of the display rack. For example, the lubricating oil display rack produced by our factory is not the same as the price, because the selected material is not the same, and the quality of some lubricants is light. The layer frame is set in the form of a net frame, some oils are of medium quality, the layer frame is set in a thin laminate style, the weight of the lubricant is heavier, and the layer frame is a heavy laminate. Therefore, the customer must confirm the loadability of the sample before customizing the goods. In case of problems with later use.     


3, Maintenance: Although the rack is iron, it is more durable, but maintenance is also extremely important. During the use of the display rack, avoid moving back and forth as much as possible to avoid bumps. When dirty, wipe it off with a dry rag to not only keep the shelf clean and beautiful, but also to extend the shelf life.