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What are the processes of precision metal processing process

- Sep 06, 2017 -

What are the processes of precision metal processing process
First, precision metal processing process
Precision metal processing process is based on the production needs of the material to order steel materials, after the completion of the steel material after the opening of the material, after the four-sided test tolerance, after detection of small details such as small parts production can be directly to the punching machine and then milling or CNC computer gong processing. This is a lot of detail in the production of eyewear accessories and auto parts. And do the container is almost open material, and then after the press can be directly taken to the welding, and then sand after the start of the injection, and then assemble some accessories can be perfect to ship.
II. Hardware Accessories
Small hardware products are not the final consumer goods. But as a supporting product of industrial manufacturing, semi-finished products and tools used in the production process and so on. Only a small number of daily-use hardware products are necessary for people to live in the tool-type consumer goods. such as: screws, screwdrivers, wrenches, fishing tools and so on. Hardware fittings refers to the machine parts or parts made from metal, as well as some small hardware products. It can be used alone, can also do assistance appliances.
III. Safety rules for metal processing
1. Product processing. The operator should maintain the correct posture, must have the sufficient spirit to cope with the work, if discovers the physical discomfort, in order to the personal safety, should immediately leave the work position, and to the workshop supervisor or the higher level leader to reflect. Operation must focus on the mind, no chat, mutual cooperation, the operator should not be in a fidgety, tired state operation, for personal safety, avoid accidents, to ensure safe operation. All employees are required to check whether their costumes are in line with the job requirements before entering the job. Do not wear slippers, high heels and affect the safety of clothing, long hair to wear a helmet.
2. Before the mechanical work to check whether the movement part of the lubricating oil, and then start and check the clutch, the brakes are normal, and the machine will run for 1-3 minutes, mechanical failure when the operation is strictly prohibited.
3. The replacement of the die first power supply, punching machine after the movement of the department to start installing, debugging molds. After the installation and adjustment, with the hand to move the flywheel test two times, in order to avoid mechanical and to process the product of unnecessary collisions, the upper and lower molds must check whether the symmetry, reasonable, the screws are solid, the pressure side circle is in a reasonable position.
4. Must wait for the other personnel to leave the mechanical work area completely, and takes away the sundry in the work table, can start the power supply to activate the machinery.
5. When working in machinery, it is forbidden to extend the hand into the working area of the slider, and it is forbidden to take and put the workpiece by hand. The tools that conform to the standard must be used when taking and putting the workpiece inside the die. If the machine has abnormal sound or machine failure, should immediately turn off the power switch to check. After the mechanical operation, by one person to transport materials and mechanical operations, other people may not be driven by the power to build or foot pedal switch board, for the safety of others can not put the hand into the mechanical work area or touch the mechanical motion part of the hand.
IV. What is an automatic lathe
Automatic lathe is a CNC type of machinery, there are some CNC automatic lathe and pneumatic automatic lathe, as well as walking heart-type automatic lathe, its basic core is can be a certain tool positioning and debugging after a long time automatic processing of the same product. such as processing copper, aluminum, iron, plastic and other precision parts processing and manufacturing, suitable for processing accessories have instrumentation, watches, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, glasses, stationery, metal bathroom, electronic products parts, connectors, computers, mobile phones, electromechanical, military and so on the small parts of the industry, especially the more complex parts. Generally in the CNC automatic lathe processing, CNC lathe is a high-performance, high-precision, low-noise walking tool machine, is through the cam to control the processing process of automatic machining machine.