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The operation steps and main parts of the precision bending machine

- Sep 06, 2017 -

1, the first is to connect the power, in the control Panel to open the key switch, and then press the pump to start, so you can hear the oil pump rotating sound. (The machine does not act at this time)
2, stroke adjustment, bending machine use must pay attention to adjust the stroke, must be tested before bending. Bending machine down to the bottom of the die must be guaranteed to have a thick gap. Otherwise, the mold and machine damage. The adjustment of the stroke also has the electric quick adjustment and the manual fine-tuning.
3, bend Groove selection, generally choose the thickness of the plate 8 times times the width of the groove. such as bending 4mm sheet material, you need to select about 32 slots.
4, after the adjustment of the General Electric quick Adjustment and manual fine-tuning, the method with shearing machine.
5, the foot pedal switch start bending, bending machine and shearing machine different, you can loosen at any time, loosen the foot bending machine will stop, and then step on the downward.
Main parts:
1. Main body of machine tool (left and right wall board, front slide block plate, two cylinders)
2, forward-push system
3. Rear gear system
4. Machine tool Console
5, up and down mode guide
Application of Mould:
1, machine tool on the mold:
Sharp knife: Fold greater than equal to 30 degrees, or a smaller degree with the mold, processing thickness is generally not more than 5mm.
Straight knife: A part that is greater than or equal to 88 degrees deep.
2, the Next mold machine:
The lower mode is divided into V and V, the opening is adjustable by the variable, and the opening value is freely regulated by the 4-80mm (i.e. V4, 6, V8, ...). V40)