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The concept and maintenance knowledge of CNC machine tool Maintenance

- Sep 06, 2017 -

CNC machine tool Maintenance concept, can not be limited to the CNC system attack fault, how to remove the fault and timely correction, so that the CNC system early put into use, but also include accurate use and ordinary maintenance.
Maintenance knowledge of CNC lathe
CNC equipment is a high degree of automation, construction of the more complex leading processing equipment, is the focus of the company, key equipment. To show the high efficiency of CNC equipment, it must be accurate operation and careful protection, talent to ensure the utilization of equipment. Accurate operation can avoid the abnormal wear and tear of lathe, avoid the sudden fault, do the ordinary protection and maintenance, can make the equipment to hold the good skill condition, postpone the deterioration process, detect and eliminate the trouble danger in time, then ensure the safe operation.

1. The application of CNC equipment should pay attention to the question
The use of CNC equipment environment for the progress of the use of CNC equipment life, usually the need to avoid direct sunlight and other thermal radiation, to avoid too humid, too dusty places. Corrosion gas easy to corrode the electronic components, the formation of bad contact or short-circuit between components, affecting the normal operation of equipment. Precision CNC equipment to stay away from the oscillation of large equipment, such as punching machine, forging equipment.

2. Power demand
In order to avoid the power fluctuation amplitude (greater than ±10%) and the ability of an instant disturbance signal and other effects, numerical control equipment is usually selected line power supply (such as from the low-voltage distribution room alone for the use of CNC lathe) or increase the voltage regulator equipment, can reduce the power supply quality and electrical interference.

3. Operating Procedures
Operating procedures are one of the important measures to ensure the safe operation of CNC machine tools. When the lathe attack fault, the operator should pay attention to save the scene, and to the maintenance staff to clarify the situation before and after the fault, in order to facilitate the analysis, diagnose the cause of the problem, timely cleaning. Other, CNC lathe should not be used for a long time, procurement of CNC lathe in the future to make full use of, especially in the first year of application, so that its simple trouble in the weak link as early as possible, in the warranty period can be cleared. In the absence of a processing mission, CNC lathe also to regular power, the best is 1-2 times a week, every time the operation of 1 hours, to use the heat of the lathe itself to reduce the humidity in the machine, so that electronic components are not damp, can also be found in a timely manner without battery alarm attack, to avoid system software, parameter loss.