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What’s the surface treatment of stainless steel?

- Apr 24, 2018 -

Stainless steel has 7 surface treatments: Electroplate, sha-steel, brushed, mirror face, sandblast, etch and laser marking.

Electroplate, the most expensive in all of the stainless steel surface treatment. The color of the electroplate product is very natural and beautiful.

Sha-steel, it seems to be disconnected vertical stripes.

Brushed, it seems to be a straight line and connected vertical stripes.

Mirror face, it seems to be a mirror. You can see the things very clearly on the good mirror face stainless steel. And you only can see blurry things on the normal one.

Sandblast, it looks like serried sand on the surface. It’s better to use 2B board to sandblast, so that the cost will be less.

Etching, typeface is etched about 1.5mm and different color to choose.

Laser marking, depth of the typeface can be 0.5 – 1.5 mm. Deeper depth, the milk white color is darker.

Etch, is more expensive than laser marking. And the silk-screen is the cheapest.

Spray varnish, it doesn’t stick fingerprint and is easy to clean. It is bright and clear.