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Sheet metal processing, what you have to know

- Sep 06, 2017 -

Drawing hand, according to open drawing and batch of different selection of different blanking methods, including laser, CNC punching, shearing, mold and other methods, and then according to the drawings to make the corresponding open. In the numerical control and the laser next to place the worktable, is advantageous for the sheet material to place on the machine to carry on the processing, reduces raises the board the work. Some of the available edges are placed in the specified place to provide material for the bending of the test die. After the workpiece blanking, the corners, burrs, contacts to be necessary to repair (grinding treatment), at the tool point, with a flat file to repair, for the burr larger workpiece with the grinding machine for trimming, small hole contact with the corresponding small file trimming to ensure the appearance of beauty, at the same time, the shape of the repair also for the bending of the positioning made a guarantee, To make the bending of the workpiece on the same position on the bending machine, to ensure consistency with the size of the batch product.
After blanking completes, enters the next procedure, the different workpiece according to the processing request enters the corresponding procedure. Bending, pressure riveting, flanging tapping, spot welding, convex bag, section difference, sometimes in the bend one or two road after the nut or stud pressure, which has a mold punch convex and section of the place to consider the first processing, lest other processes after processing will occur interference, can not complete the required processing. When there is a Kari on the upper cover or the lower shell, if the bend cannot touch the weld, it must be machined before bending.
Workpiece in the bending, riveting and other processes after completion of surface treatment, different plate surface treatment methods, the cold plate after processing generally surface plating, electroplating after finishing without spraying treatment, the use of phosphating treatment, phosphating treatment after spraying treatment. Electroplated plate type surface cleaning, degreasing, and then spraying. Stainless steel plate (with mirror panels, fog panels, wire drawing board) is in the bending before the wire can be brushed processing, spraying, such as spraying to be carried out to deal with hair; aluminum plate is generally used oxidation treatment, according to different colors of spraying different oxidation background
Commonly used in black and color oxidation, aluminum plate needs to be sprayed with chromic acid oxidation treatment after spraying. Surface pretreatment This can make clean surface, significantly improve the adhesion of film, can multiply the corrosion resistance of the film. Clean the process of cleaning the workpiece first, the workpiece hanging on the assembly line, first through the cleaning solution (alloy to oil powder), and then into the water, followed by the spray area, and then through the drying area, the final workpiece from the assembly line removed.
This is the general process of ordinary sheet metal processing, the work is very simple, but sometimes it is difficult to do, to make a level, there is a quality of the sheet metal products, not to say that can be, all need a large number of sheet metal platform of the real operation, understanding can be.