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How can the Style of the Bookshelf be Compared to its Own Shop?

- May 28, 2018 -

The book shelves of many bookstores look somewhat different from the decoration style of their own shops. This style of decoration directly affects the coordination and consistency of shops and bookshelves. Makes the whole seem obscure. Once I saw such a collocation in a bookstore, the middle is an iron shelf, and the wall is a solid wood shelf. I don't know how the owner of the bookstore thought about it at the time. Anyway, people feel uncomfortable. Therefore, if you want to make your bookstore appear unified and coordinated, you still have to find bookshelves that match your own shop style.


Your decoration style is retro, simple or modern? If you say that your style of decoration is retro, then you use a style similar to solid wood bookshelf, if your decoration is simple, then use a relatively small number of models of iron shelves can be, if you The decoration style is modern and you can even try the rainbow shelf that is now more popular. This is the approximate type of bookcase selected based on the decoration style.


The above is just an approximate classification of bookshelf. In fact, you can consider the size of the bookshelf, the style of the bookshelf, the structure of the bookshelf, etc. to take comprehensive considerations. Finally, you put your bookshelf to your satisfaction. Yishang Metal Products Co., Ltd can customize the bookshelf you like.