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Equipment Chassis Rack Maintenance Techniques Include

- Jun 12, 2018 -

When we are working with sheet metal, if he has a weld, we are pickling and then phosphatizing. When we use it for a while, there will be rust flowing out of it. When we came to know that there was corrosion in him, how should we solve it?


When we were pickling, his acid was not fully neutralized, so when we were phosphating, there was rust. We can also use strong acids for pickling, which is actually a strong alkaline degreasing job. The residual drug is rinsed clean and then baked, so that he will have white things in the cracked place. appear. After a while, these white substances react with air. Usually these problems occur in March-November, so we must pay special attention.


If you want to apply anti-corrosion and anti-rust to the sheet metal processing, then we must use weakly alkaline substances in our degreasing agent. There must be no alkali component. We can use sulfuric acid when pickling. The pickling time cannot be too long. If you use phosphoric acid, it would be better. After we pick it up, we must use sodium carbonate for neutralization. When our tasks are completed, we will clean it up. Of course, we generally wash it. If you think that Xiao Bian is not in place, then you can speak with us all about your opinion.