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Double Sided Bookshelf Material?

- May 28, 2018 -

Bookshelf is the most common type of bookshelf in our bookstores, so many people are not new to bookshelves. The materials of bookshelves that people often see in bookstores are generally divided into two types: wooden and steel, but we all know why. Would you choose these two materials as the raw materials for the bookshelf?

First, look for convenience. Regardless of whether it is a wooden shelf or a steel shelf, their raw materials are very convenient to obtain. Because the bookshelf is widely used in our lives, the application in the bookstore is more essential, so when the bookshelf is made The material must be easy to find and easy to obtain. This is the first reason.


Second, stability and reliability. The bookshelf is used for load-bearing, so the stability of the materials used must be reliable and not easily deformed. This is a design requirement. The fact that wood products are not easily deformed has been widely used by people. Steel is relying on technology to make it more affordable. Reliable and stable new is the second reason for the selection of bookshelves.


Third, easy to mold. The bookshelves are designed in a variety of ways and are complex. Therefore, when designing, it is necessary to ensure that the material can be easily designed into the desired shape. Wood products and steel products have such advantages, so this is the third reason for choosing them.


In generally, wooden and steel materials are the most suitable for designing bookshelves.