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How to Avoid Display Rack Deformation

- May 25, 2018 -

Display stands are the most commonly used products in the field of display props. The display stand made of materials has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance, beautiful effect, and reliable performance. It has become the best display stand making material in this field. If you do not understand the characteristics of the master material, the display rack that is used for a long time and lacks the necessary maintenance will also be deformed and damaged.

How to avoid deformation of the display stand in order to maintain the excellent quality of the display stand and prolong its service life?

1. Choose a flexible rubber gasket for the display stand to add the necessary buffer for the connection between the materials.

2. When machining plates, elliptic screw holes must be drilled with screws to increase their strength and reduce deformation.

3. When making a display rack with a large load-bearing area, it is necessary to pay attention to increase the thickness of the plate to avoid deformation due to large load-bearing weight.

4. When installing a fixed display stand, pay attention to reserve a certain amount of shrinkage and expansion gaps to prevent the impact of thermal expansion and contraction on the display stand.

5. It is possible to increase the impact strength of the plate by thermoforming and release the internal stress of the plate at the same time.

6. It is the design to select the appropriate weight of the plate according to the type of display products, not too thin and not thick, to avoid deformation caused by the plate bearing weight and product inconsistency.

Senior design and production personnel generally consider the deformation factors of the display shelf in advance from the design to the production process, so as to minimize the occurrence of deformation of the display shelf, and increase the reasonable use of the display shelf in the later period so that the display shelf can maintain an excellent quality for a long period of time.