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Detail Requirements for Sheet Metal Painting

- Jun 07, 2018 -

The parts of the sheet metal chassis can be processed according to the drawings. The materials used for the chassis of the sheet metal chassis should meet the requirements of the drawings, except for one material, which is a thin steel plate. Generally, high-quality cold-rolled steel sheets are used, which we are all familiar with. Professionals also know that hot-rolled steel plates cannot be used. If you want to use materials instead, you must obtain the approval of the technicians.


Yishang company's sheet metal parts should protect the thread during the spraying process. For the blockage caused during the plating process, it should be re-tapered and restored. The threaded hole should not be slipping or broken, and the screw should be able to screw in smoothly and moderately. Insulation parts according to the drawings selected insulation materials, epoxy board or epoxy rod should be dip insulation paint, drying treatment.


If the chassis of the sheet metal chassis needs to be bent, it should be annealed before bending. The radius of the bent corners should not be greater than the thickness of the sheet to avoid damage to the internal structure and cracking. The contact surface of the fastening connection requires leveling.


The parts of the sheet metal chassis of the sheet metal processing plant where the spraying protection is required cannot be covered with paint or powder. The purpose is to ensure the continuity of the grounding between the parts.