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Basic Knowledge of Floor Display Design

- Jun 04, 2018 -

The basics of display rack design are summarized as follows:

1. Integrity specification

The main specification of the display rack. Uniform form, unified color, unified process, unified style. In short, it is integrated and unified. Good design is very clear in terms of the order of art forms.


2Exhibition standard

The ultimate goal of any artistic activity is creation. Invention is the main feature of the new century. The inventiveness in display design is mainly reflected in the novelty of originality and originality of artistic image.


3, display rack design concept

The production of display racks should reflect the following perspectives: new comprehensive concepts, people-oriented concepts, space-time concepts, ecological concepts, system concepts, information concepts, and high-tech concepts. Specifically, it can also be called a conceptual standard. The concept of flooring display racks soaked every cell that showcases art design.


4, floor display rack industry norms

It can also be called a functional specification. The main issue is the unity of form and content. The design of jewellery racks and the design of cosmetics racks cannot be the same.


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