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Analytic method of two kinds of faults in NC machining center

- Sep 06, 2017 -

In the process of machining center, CNC Machining Center may encounter the following two kinds of failures, you can see below the introduction of how to deal with.

CNC Machining center failure one: CNC Machining center Serial encoder communication error Alarm, the reason: unit detection CNC Machining center of the motor encoder disconnection or bad communication. Check if the encoder feedback line is properly connected to the amplifier and is solid. If the feedback line is normal, replace the servo motor (because the encoder of the motor is integrated with the motor and cannot be disassembled), if it is a α motor replacement encoder. If the occasional appearance, may be caused by interference, check the motor feedback line of the shielding line is intact.

CNC Machining Center fault two: CNC Machining Center encoder pulse Count Error alarm (LED display 6, System PMM screen display 303/304/305/308 alarm) reason analysis: Servo motor serial encoder in the running pulse loss, or not counting. Shutdown again, if there is the same alarm, replace the motor (if the Alpha Motor Replacement encoder) or the feedback cable line. If the alarm disappears after the CNC machining Center is rebooted, it must return to the reference point and then run the other instructions. If the system PMM is 308 alarm, may be caused by interference, shutdown again.