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2 Important Points for Custom Cash Desk Display Stand

- May 23, 2018 -

The cash register display stands are the display counters at various stores. This is an excellent product display point. First, because the cashier is the only place for customers to pay, the products displayed here do not have to worry about the exposure; second, the customers will stay here for a certain period of time, and after a few purchases and purchases, the mood of the customer is More relaxed, at this time can put more attention on the products displayed in the vicinity. Since there is no need to worry about the drainage and exposure of ordinary display racks, what function does the cashier's display stand take on?


The focus of the display rack is to emphasize the core value of the product, that is, the function of the product. Consumers stay at the checkout counter for about 1 minute. In this very short period of time, consumers are prone to impulsive purchases. Generally speaking, the display rack must reflect the core value of the product, which can convince consumers to purchase.


Generally speaking, the cashier is a place where consumers are more concentrated, and it is also a very advantageous exhibition spot for some new products. Display shelves here can quickly open the market and increase consumer awareness. At this time, the customized display racks need to work harder on the brand, highlighting the brand in the design. For the old brand, the old brand can use the accumulated reputation to let the old customers get to know the new products. For the new brand, it is an opportunity to brush the face before the consumers. 

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