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Our products are hot sale in Europe, the United Kingdom and United States, Australia, Japan, Korea, etc.

Since 1996, we already have many successful sale cases, such as airport indicators, HSBC and SCB light box and metal frame, Australia clothing and eyeglasses display racks, America pillow display racks and cosmetic display stands, Qatar government donation boxes, Russia auto parts, Italy server racks, etc.


Sweden Custom Metal Display 

Country: Sweden

Company: OB

Product: Custom Metal Display – Inquiry with Drawing


About OB:

Production problems of the metal display:


On 13/09/2016, OB hoped that we can help customize the metal display. How did we do?


Used 22 Years Experience to Customize The Solution.

After analyzing the metal display, the technical team found that the original design was flawed. According to the structural characteristics of the tube and base, also the positioning principle, a new customized solution was quickly drawn within 5 hours, and OB tried to accept and ordered a set of sample.


Problems of Sample Production, Solution Was Provided Within 3 Hours.

On 18/09/2018, the surface treatment of the sample was completed, but the pipe orifice had powder accumulation and even rust. The technical team found the reason within 1 hour: the product was pickled before powdering, and the acid water stayed in the pipe. They found solution within 2 hours: open two holes in the pipe orifice that do not affect the appearance. OB was happy to accept it.


Reasonable Packaging and Container Layout

OB was very satisfied with the sample and ordered the first 500 sets on 05/10/2016. According to the quantity, we designed safe and small packaging, also planned the layout of the container in advance to save the transportation cost for OB.



Strict Production Control

Scrupulous Packaging Control

Cautious Loading Control

Good after-sales service

Client Feedback

In 2018, OB will place order more than 10,000 sets, and they hope we can assist them to produce two new products. We will be the preferred supplier of OB long-term cooperation!


Belgium Glasses Display Rack Case

Country: Belgium

Customer Goal: Customize two types of metal glasses display rack

Pain points of customer:

Worried about whether china manufacturers have design capability or not.

The cardboard display racks they purchased in 2015 are not strong. Worried about the durability of metal display racks.

Customer is far away from china suppliers and cannot go to the factory for quality inspection.

Product Name: Custom metal rotating floor standing glasses display rack with hooks


IS is a representative sales organization in 15 European countries, distributing several world leading brands. Yishang help IS bring their idea into 3D drawing and real products. After the sample testing in June, 2017, mass order was confirmed in September, 2017. In 2018, new order is coming!


Why IS would choose us?

Ø Design from a practical perspective

To let users can move the display rack easily but also can fix the display rack on specified location, we design to use lockable strong wheels.

To let consumer can see their looking with eyewear easily, we design to add well angled and four-side mirrors after our own testing.

To let retailers can storage goods and replenish goods conveniently, we design to use magnetic cabinet on the base. At the same time, the whole rack will be more good looking.

To highlight customer’s brand ambassadors pictures, we design to stick four-side pictures on the base cabinet.

Ø Consider from customers side

To save international shipping cost, we suggest customer check and confirm samples by video or picture.

To save manual installation fee in customer’s local country, we pack and ship out display rack after well installed.

Ø One stop service solution

Yishang provide design and manufacturing one stop service, saving IS about 30% design cost. After the conception, Yishang design team draws 3D drawings within 24 hours.

Ø Testing and adjusting to the sample

We tested continuously throughout the production process. Once the problem is found, we modify the production drawings within 3 hours. In the production of the sample, the problem that the rotary bearing emits made little noise when rotated has been solved. At the same time, the firmness of the metal display frame that IS is most worried about is also solved in the sample test.

Ø Controlling the production of bulk orders

Control: Yishang had self-inspection quality of self-test from all aspects: anti-scratch, logo sticker color code confirm, firmness of mounted picture, wheel fluency, mirror clarity, weight, tilt test and so on.

Loading: When the container reached to Yishang, the salesman confirmed whether the cabinet is damaged firstly. While loading, salesman inspect whether the goods are placed in accordance with the layout of the technical department to avoid the problem of crushing the goods. At the same time, reconfirm whether the quantity of the goods matched and whether the shipping marks were correct.

Ø Strict control of quality

Yishang self-inspection: 100% full inspection of the products.

Third-party inspection: IS arranged third-party company to inspect and found 2% tiny defects. Yishang arranged to resolve it within 2 days, and sent detailed pictures to IS for confirmation, which won the understanding of IS.


Round galvanized Accessories Case

Country: United States

Customer goal: customize by picture

Product Name: Metal case


Customer pain points:

First time purchase in Asia area, customer don't know how to find a suitable sheet metal manufacturer.

The customer is purchasing for the first time in Asia and is not familiar with the international transportation and customs clearance process.

The customer does not understand the technical parameters of the product, and wants to find a professional sheet metal manufacturer to cooperate to research and development  a new metal casing project.

This is a consumer product, the customer pays high attention to product quality and product price.

Customers have great concerns about choosing raw materials.


Marbella G is a newly established trading company. MG and Yishang are attached to a marketing email. After in-depth understanding and analysis, Yishang helped MG turn simple hand-drawn drawings into professional 3D drawings and real samples and gained customer recognition. For us, this is just a new product , but for each customer, it is as precious as a newborn baby.


We will conduct prenatal testing before production samples, and each step has strict quality standards. Ensure that product dimensions, angles, and planar effects meet production drawing standards.

In the batch laser production process, it was found that batch loading would cause different scratches on the surface of the sheet due to mutual friction. Later, the work piece was cut by manual loading and then polished. Solve the problem of scratching and cutting edge nodes on the surface of the feeding auxiliary casing.


Because customers need to participate in the US hunting trade exhibition in August 2018. We made a new adjustment to the order to prioritize production and speed up the production schedule. The order was completed on June 25, 2018, and shipped 5 days ahead of the normal order schedule.


The high-quality products are derived from a strict quality management system. In the laser and bending production process, the operator will perform self-inspection on each work piece according to different quality standards such as size, flatness and angle. QC personnel before bulk shipment. The product will be 100% quality checked. Make sure that each feeding aid enclosure is satisfactory to the consumer.


Ø Why does MG choose us?


ü Improve on the production process.

l In order to ensure that the quotation has a competitive advantage.

In the quotation phase, the business team on the company will understand the real needs of the customer, and the technical team will propose modifications based on the needs of the customer. After the customer confirms the details, Yishang will draw professional 3D drawings and solutions within 24 hours to select and quote customers.


In order to reduce the loss of customers, analyze the customer's drawing process, find that the customer's drawings and the actual bending angle are wrong, the technicians communicate with the business quickly, adjust the new drawings according to the actual test angle and provide two solutions to the customer to choose, reduce the customer Loss due to incorrect drawings.

l In order to highlight the customer's brand effect, we put a promotional color label on the packaging to make it easier for consumers to purchase.


ü Design from the perspective of consumers.

l In order to make the installation of the device more convenient, the outer casing is made of a metal material.

l To allow consumers mount the case on the device easily, we have a black and white manual.



ü Consideration from the customer's perspective.

Start customers have concerns and doubts about material selection.

Analyze through the use, function and customer needs of the product. Customers are advised to use galvanized sheet, which not only saves customers the cost of expensive plastic molds but also saves time for pre-tool debugging. The money is spent on the cutting edge.

In order to solve customers' concerns about international transportation:

I provide the starting port cost and the destination port cost and operation procedure for different types and sizes to give the customer the right route.

To save the cost of accessories transfer:

We recommend that color labels and screws be placed in the US for packaging and pasting.



Case of Custom Metal Letters From Canada

Country: Canada

Pain analysis:

1. The customer did not find a manufacturer of the production sign.

2. Local production costs and personnel costs are expensive.

3. The product has only rough sketches and ideas, and I want to find an experienced supplier to produce his products.



Upon receipt of the customer's product design drawings, our design and technicians analyze the product drawings provided by the customer. For different products, we offer the following modifications to our customers.



In order to make the customer install and change on the original backplane is convenient. We recommend adding mounting accessories to the back panel.


Gold square tube bracket

1 In order to make the surface of the square tube more tidy. We recommend that the customer solder at the bottom of the square tube.

2 In order to make the glass change firmly, we added a plastic suction cup to the original design.

3 For the bottom support plate Locking screws are more convenient and beautiful, we recommend widening the bottom.


3D stainless steel letters

In order to make 3D letter installation changes are convenient and fast. We recommend adding a threaded nail to the back of the letter. Solder the thread to the hole in the backing plate. When the 3D letter is installed on the backplane, the mounting position on the back panel can be more accurately positioned.


The technical staff of Yishang will conduct technical analysis on each customer's products to ensure that customers receive the most perfect and best quality products.

Below are feedback and comments from all Canadian customers on all products.



Australia Wall Shelf Case

Country: Australia

Customer Goal: Customize two types of wall shelf

Pain points of customer:

vQuantity is small. Worried about whether will the supplier handle it seriously

vCustomer is far away from china suppliers and cannot go to the factory for quality inspection.

vDuring the delivery period, China’s Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday may be affected.

Product Name: Custom metal wall shelf


PHHM is chain beauty salons in Australia. They hope to purchase two lengths of custom wall mounted shelves to use in their salons. Then they send out a RFQ in Alibaba on August 6, 2018.


Why PHHM would choose us?

Quick quotation

From the discovery of RFQ to the quotation, YS took only one hour.

Competitive and real quotation

The total amount of the customer's first trial order is small. But YS does not treat it differently, providing customers with a good price.

Drawing confirmation and sample confirmation before production

Even a small number of orders, low amount, YS completely confirm the details of the size, model in accordance with customer according to consistent standards.

Accurate lead time

The delivery period coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday in China (up to 10 days in total). YS coordinates the distribution of raw material preparation, sample production, mass production, surface treatment, quality inspection and installation to ensure the maximum possible lead time.

Make the smallest packaging

Due to the quantity of products, we recommend customers to take international express delivery. At the same time as the maximum strength protection of the product, YS minimizes the packaging volume and reduces the transportation cost of the customer to a certain extent.


YS hope to grow together with our customers, from small orders to large orders, grow hand in hand together!


Case of Custom Metal Fabrication From Korea

Country: Korea

Company: ST

Product: Custom Metal Enclosures and Metal Parts


ST is a Korean brand company that focuses on electronics. It used to purchase the metal parts mainly in Korea, but its procurement target moved to China in 2018.


Customer was worried about the problems of custom metal fabrication in China:

² Is the technology of the Chinese factory the same as that of Korea?

² Is the price of a Chinese factory cheaper than that of Korea?

² Is the delivery time of the Chinese factory fast?

² Is the packaging of the Chinese factory strong enough?


Why does customer choose us in so many Chinese factories?


Quote in 1-3 hours


On August 9th, the customer sent 10 products to us in Alibaba to quote. We analyzed and quoted within 3 hours, also reminded the customer to pay attention to some details, we won the customer's good impression.


On August 10, the customer sent 10 more products to us for a quote. We analyzed and quoted again within 1 hour. On August 17, the customer ordered 20 sets samples and indicated that they will visit our factory on August 22.


Hong Kong Acrylic magazine Display frame case


Country: Hong Kong

Customer Objective: To customize Acrylic magazine exhibition frame for end customers. Customer pain point:

 customers are afraid to find unprofessional manufacturers.

 domestic suppliers are far away, unable to personally to the factory quality inspection.


Product Name: Custom magazine display rack.

SL is a renowned trading company in Hong Kong, looking for suppliers for acrylic display rack projects for local brand end customers.
 On June 8 this year, an inquiry was sent to YISHANG.

Why would SL choose us?

Direct Factory, the price has the advantage, the delivery is accurate

Hundreds of millions of manufacturers with design and custom one-stop services can save customers about 10% of their design costs.

Full CNC production equipment, can save more delivery time.

Prenatal Drawing Confirmation, model confirmation

After the order is confirmed, billion provides a flat sheet for SL. Before mass production, billion in accordance with the requirements of the factory, to make a model to SL to determine.

Two aspects of double recognition, to ensure that customers can produce accurate products.

Provides customers with advice on multi-channel shipping methods

Arrange international transportation before, billion from the prescription and price aspects of consideration, for SL to choose the most suitable express channel transportation method, to provide two of options for customers to compare. Billion on the company hopes to grow with customers, so that our products can bring higher returns to customers.


New Zealand Custom Metal Light Case


Country: New Zealand

Company: HH

Product: Metal light box


HH is a New Zealand brand company established in 2015 and mainly based on plant growth illumination lamps. It has been looking for suppliers to customize metal light cases, lamps and other accessories in China, but the supply of metal light boxes is unstable, resulting in delayed sales.


Problems encountered when customers collaborate with metal light case suppliers:

² Suppliers are not experienced enough to help customers improve their products.

² The rivet in the light case is easy to loose, and the quality inspection is not in place.

² The delivery period is often postponed, resulting in sales delays.


Why do customers choose us in many Chinese factories?


ü Quote within 1 hour, the price has an advantage


On June 10th, the customer sent a picture of the light box and the overall size for us to quote. Based on 22 years of metal manufacturing experience, our company inferred the thickness and technology of the product and quickly quoted it to the customer within 1 hour.


Our company is a direct factory, the price is very competitive, so the customer sent two metal light boxes for us to quote again, our company still quickly quoted to customers within 1 hour. Customers are very satisfied with our service and price, confirm the order sample.



ü 3 days to complete the sample

In order to let the customer to get the sample as soon as possible, the light case was formed the next day after the customer ordered. Before the surface treatment, we measured the samples and took photos to confirm with the customer. On the third day, the surface treatment was completed and shipped to the customer.



ü Quick solution

The customer was very satisfied with the sample, but it was found that the lamp hole of the sample did not match the lamp lens and could not be assembled. We quickly provided the solution to the customer within 1 day, and the customer was happy to accept the solution and re-create the new sample.



ü Mass production control


On July 3, the customer placed 400 light cases.


In the mass production process, our management team planed, supervised and controlled each process to ensure product quality. When they encountered problems, found the best solution within 3 hours, without delaying production, and guarantee the delivery time on time.


All product dimensional tolerances are controlled within 0.1mm, and the installation test was carried out before and after dusting. After spraying, check whether the surface of the products were qualified.



These are the reasons why the customer choose us. Regardless of the large or small order amount, we will try our best to help each customer and let each customer feel that our service is great!


                                       Custom Metal Hair Dye Display Rack from Australia

One of our clients, Sam, specializes in distributing hairdressing products in Australia and wants to find practical, aesthetic and economical hair dye display racks in China.


Problems encountered by customer when looking for the metal hair dye display rack:

The product design is not beautiful.

The product size can’t be customized according to the size of his hair dye.

Expensive price.


Why did customer choose us in many Chinese factories?


The price was competitive

On March 7th, Sam enquired about the price of our hair dye display rack. We responded within 30 minutes and provided a reasonable price. Sam was very satisfied with the price and then he asked us to customize the hair dye display stand according to the size of his hair dye box.


Provided professional solutions

The metal hair dye display stand is wall-mounted. For safety, we knew from Sam the amount of hair dye that he wanted to display on the stand and the wall structure of the local salon. According to Sam’s detailed feedback, we made corresponding modifications to the wall hanging method of the display stand to ensure safety, and we also modified the appearance of the display stand for Sam to make the display stand more simple and beautiful.


Completed the sample within 3 days

Sam hoped to bring this product to his market in May, so our departments coordinate with each other, and the prototype was made the next day after Sam ordered, and the surface treatment was completed on the third day.


Saved shipping costs for customer

The entire display stand is welded by wire, which can’t be disassembled, large in size and high in freight. So we negotiated with Sam to take photos and videos to confirm the sample, which not only saved shipping costs, but also saved time.


Mass production controlled

After confirming the sample, Sam ordered 100 sets of metal hair dye display stands.

In the mass production process, our management team planed, supervised and controlled each process to ensure product quality. When they encountered problems, found the best solution within 3 hours, without delaying production, and ensured that the delivery period can catch up with April 05.


In the end, Sam received the goods on May 03. At the beginning of July, Sam feedback hair dye display rack sold well in the market, leaving only 30 pieces of stock. Therefore, Sam continued to order 300 pieces and hoped that our company can become his long-term partner.



                                       Case of Custom Metal Furniture Frame from Canada


Country: Canada

Company: YD

Product: Metal furniture frame


YD is a Canadian design company based on decorative furniture. It used to design wooden decorative furniture, but in 2018 it expanded into metal decorative furniture.


Customers worry about the problem of custom metal furniture frames in China:

Is the delivery time fast?

Is the metal frame welded firmly and beautifully?

Is the packaging strong?


Why does YD choose us in many Chinese factories?


 Quick quote and affordable price


We have 22 years of experience in custom sheet metal manufacturing and can analyze and quote to customers within 5-8 working hours. We are committed to saving costs for our customers, allowing our customers to appreciate our craftsmanship, and the prices quoted are economical.


Quick solution

Because the customer does not understand the metal, the problem of product dusting is not considered in the product design process, and the customer's request cannot change the appearance of the product. When the customer decides to make a model, the technical department provides a suitable solution within 3 hours to solve the problem that the dusting needs to be hung, and the customer agrees with the solution.


Sturdy Packaging

The customer is very concerned about the appearance of the product, so we recommend independent packaging (plastic bag + foam around + five-layer carton), and take a video demonstration package crash test to customers to ensure that the package is strong enough.



Because of our professionalism, let YD cooperates with us without any worries, so YD hopes that we can become their solid and reliable long-term partners!



Case of Custom Metal Stud Mounted Table


Country: Canada

Company: RAT

Product: Metal Stud Mounted Table


RAT is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures a variety of tools. In July 2018, it designed a new metal stud mounted table which is used on wooden beams and plans to find a metal processing factory in China.


The problems that customer was worried of China factory:

Can the Chinese factory accurately analyze the drawings?

Can the Chinese factory prepare new dimensions based on the sample?

Is the technical profession of the Chinese factory?



Why does customer choose us in many Chinese factories?


ü Accurately analyzed drawings and improved design


After receiving the customer's 3D drawings, our technical department carefully analyzed the drawings within one hour and found that the drawings were imperfect and the production cost was high. After deliberation, the technical department provided a complete modification plan to the customer to confirm, greatly reducing the cost.


ü Established a new design base on drawing and sample


After confirming the new design, the customer sent the old design template to our company. We combined the new design drawings with the old design samples to create a new design that is very satisfying to our customers and produced prototypes for our customers.


ü Provided professional custom hinge solutions


After the customer received the sample and tested it, it was found that the conventional hinge was not thick enough, and the stud mounted table would be broken. There are thicker hinges on the market, but the size is not suitable. To this end, our technical department found a solution within 3 hours: customizing the appropriate dimensions with CNC lathing bearing and laser-cut wings.


Because we have professional technology to solve all kinds of difficulties for our customers, RAT trusts us very much and will place order 1,000 pieces in 2019.


Switzerland Jewelry Display Case

Country: Switzerland

Customer Goal: Customize 7 types of jewelry display

Pain points of customer:

Its the first time of purchasing bulk products China, lack of experience

Customer is far away from china suppliers and cannot go to the factory for quality inspection.

Product Name: Custom stainless steel table jewelry display T bar


BBG is one of Europe's leading shopping malls, selling women's wear, men's wear, children's wear, jewelry, cosmetics, skin care products and so on. In the summer of 2016, Yishang Company helped BBG produce 7 types of stainless steel table jewelry display T bar, turning drawings into real products.


Why BBG would choose us?

Ø Sample production time is short

In order to match the customer's delivery time, Yishang mobilized personnel and resources to shorten production time.

Ø Consider from customers side

To save international shipping cost, we suggest customer check and confirm samples by video or picture.

To save manual installation fee in customers local country, we pack and ship out display rack after well installed.

Ø Testing and adjusting to the sample

We tested continuously throughout the production process. Once the problem is found, we modify the production drawings within 3 hours.

Ø Controlling the production of bulk orders

Yishang had self-inspection quality of self-test from all aspects: scratch resistance, welding quality, wire drawing effect, actual use test, etc.

Ø Strict control of quality

Yishang self-inspection: 100% full inspection of the products.